BENIN : “They call it Africa, I call it home now”

BENIN : “They call it Africa, I call it home now”

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So here we are again! 2021 started well. I was able to reach my motherland in grace and visit Benin. My soul is fed, and I had more flexibility this time. Benin is a West African country that is very attached to its tradition, culture, and way of living. You will get an authentic experience over there. There is a great variety of landscape in Benin and so many activities to do. You can find a great Waterfall, Safari landscape, Beach, Hills, Mountains, Lakes, Forest…

It is an amazing Tropical country, the national language is French. But as everywhere in Africa, you can find a different main ethenic group such as Yoruba, Fon, Goun, Adja, Fon, Mina, Dendi, Fulani…

One month in Africa was priceless. Now I can say with confidence that I know the south and central Benin area. This was a major goal that I achieved for myself. I strongly believe in the following quotation:

 “A person without the knowledge of their past origin and culture is like a tree with no roots”

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How to get in Benin?

You can get your visa line

You need a negative PCR test to get on the plane from Paris.

When you arrived you need to get a PCR test and antigenic test at the airport. (75€, 90$, 65£, 49 200 CFA/ Test)

The same test is mandatory before your departure (72h). Then you can circulate safely in the country with your mask. Traveling during a pandemic can be done safely but it cost you more money.

 This time around I was able to visit more local spots and explore more my country. 

My journey started in the town I was born in Porto-Novo, then Cotonou, Ouidah, Grand popo, Possotome, Dassa, Abomey, Bohicon …               

I was able to explore the south and central area of the country.

Regarding accommodations, you can find hotels/hostels on booking.comFew accommodations: Golden tulip, Centre culturel ouadada, La Maison rouge cotonou , Novotel cotonou orisha, Villa Livingstone Cotonou, AzalaÏ Hotels

I was over the moon with this experience and my bond to Benin was strengthen. My goal was finally reached, and I can wait to get back there.

I will write about each town I visited in the following articles. Stay alert!

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  1. Haube

    such a beautiful country ! you make me want to go there. looking forward to read more about your adventure 🙂

    1. ADUKE

      OHH Thankyou! I can’t wait to have you over there!

  2. MzK

    😃One month is a good duration to enjoy a different experience. As you said, more discovery time than family time and still authentic rather than only touristic.

    We can feel the intent reading this 🌸

    1. ADUKE

      Thanks for taking the time to read!

  3. Celia

    Such a beautiful country
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Ambroise

    thanks for sharing your experience Aduke.

  5. YD

    Such a beautiful article. Will visit some day your mother country 🥰

    1. ADUKE

      Thanks. I can’t wait to have you over there.

  6. Edem

    Un très beau pays que je n’est pas encore visité,
    La fraîcheur de tes photos donne envie d’y être😃
    J’ai hâte 😉

    1. ADUKE

      Hâte d’être en Afrique ensemble un jour!
      Lomé est sur ma liste aussi…never been. lol

  7. Imane

    Thank you for bringing such a beautiful light to our dear country🇧🇯. God knows we needed some fresh representation, keep going you’re killing it😘

    1. ADUKE

      Thanks for the love. Let’s keep highlighting more African countries!

  8. Hana

    Hi Ade
    I recognize myself while reading your 1st experience back in Cotonou <> even to those I didn’t remember of, and it was so frustrated… my sister and I felt like we were my mum’s handbag lol.

    Then I decided in 2014 to go back ALONE for a 6 months internship huuuuum that was something ohhhhhhh, it opened my eyes on another side of my country, and I really needed to have this experience. But I had the great idea at the time to live in my family house, so I was kind of limited because my relatives were afraid of letting me go visit this or that … And at some point they transmitted their fear to me lol.

    These last years I feel like I really need to go back a whole month or two in order to do 100% tourism and discover all the regions/places I don’t know yet… And even go back to my mum village hum she will panic lol.

    Ade we are waiting ohhhhhhh give us all the tips, place to go or NOT (if really dangerous) for all African countries => but please don’t focus on the tourist places already known

    P. S : Sorry pour le long commentaire, je me suis enjaillée toute seule sur ton site lol

    1. ADUKE

      Hey Hana! It is a pleasure reading your comment. Thank you for your testimony. A lot of African Millennials, who have parents born in African and are living in western countries can relate to your experience. I can relate also. I will do my best to share more gems from a more local point of view.

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