Naples Pier in Florida: Sun chaser

Naples is well known for having the best sunset in Florida also. Naples perched on the Gulf of Mexico in SouthWest Florida, is famous for its high-end shopping, world-class culture, and sophisticated dining.

This was before COVID, the city center of the town was empty and many shops were closed back in August 2020. We still have fun and have been charm by the authenticity of the architecture. La rue des fleurs on a corner of the 5th avenue was a pleasant surprise, the Brambles English Tea Room was realistic British decor.

This watering-place offers a great beach, awesome sunset viewpoint, and rich marine life. We spotted many freaking Dauphin. I was overwhelmed by them like I was some 8 years old little girl.

It is quite a residential town and our main goal was to be blown away by the sunset! Naples did deliver!!!

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